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This is our free Facebook community where we interact everyday. We post recipes, live cooking demos, exercise tips, Q&A Sessions and much more.

It's a fun, friendly interactive group environment, where everyone in the "room" is there to support one another and is on a collaborative mission to eat well and get active without resorting to fad diets and extreme workouts.

1-2-1 Personal Training

You want to get fitter, stronger, achieve a healthy weight and feel more confident in your own body.

You need guidance, motivation, structure and support from an experienced fitness professional who knows what they're doing and wants to help you succeed.

Then Koen could be the right trainer for you.

Koen is exclusively available to a small number of Personal Training clients who want to achieve excellent results and are ready to commit to bi-weekly training sessions at home in West Sussex.

To book an initial consultation please complete an enquiry form or call 07904 198534


The ultimate package for people wanting to make a transformation in their lives and make a huge impact in 6 weeks.

This unique VIP programme incorporates both food and exercise, where Koen will not only give you 1-2-1 personal training, but also come and cook with you to teach you how to make delicious, nutritious meals, plan and prepare for the week ahead and be your personal coach and guide to achieve a body and lifestyle transformation.

Because of the intensive nature of this programme, Koen only takes on a limited number of clients, who are ready to commit to making changes and feeling fantastic.


"I believe working with Koen has enabled me to look forward to a longer and healthier life. He's not full of fads and gimmicks, instead he listened to me and worked with me to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have been sensible and achievable. Thank you Koen."

Paula L. - February 2019

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