Meet Koen Bouckaert

Hi, I'm Koen Bouckaert, creator of The 500 Calorie Kitchen. I teach people how to cook and enjoy eating delicious, homemade meals that help them to take control of their calorie intake and lose weight.

I'm passionate about all the amazing fresh, wholesome foods we have available to us and am saddened when I hear and read that people have become so reliant on convenience and fast foods. Regular consumption of these types of foods have become the norm for many and have contributed to them getting unwell, overweight and unhappy. 

The good news is, that it really doesn't have to be that way for you. If you'll allow me be your guide, let's work together to get you;

  • planning your meals for the week ahead

  • taking back control of what food you're feeding your body with and

  • creating delicious meals that will help you to shed the pounds to become the best version of you.


So why should you listen to me?


Well, although I've always been a big foodie, having trained as a Chef at a prestigious hotel school in my native homeland of Belgium, I've not always been that healthy. This particularly came to light in the early 2000's when I was working in London. I was commuting by train at the crack of dawn and was an exhausted, sleep deprived, new dad - stressed, eating poorly at unsociable hours and not taking enough exercise. I knew that if I didn't re-evaluate my lifestyle, my health was going to suffer and I wasn't going to live the active, family life I'd dreamed of.

So I quit my job in London and retrained as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor, changing my own lifestyle habits as I re-educated myself. Two years later I set up KB Fitness & Nutrition (my Personal Training business) and coached others to increase their activity levels and make changes too, through 1:1 training sessions and bootcamps.

My clients would often ask me for recipe suggestions and I soon found myself cooking with them, once again sharing my passion for food. As we cooked, I'd ask them about their weight loss struggles and overwhelmingly they told me of their confusion about what to eat to lose weight without having to resort  to the latest trendy fad diet and feeling deprived. And that was the lightbulb moment for The 500 Calorie Kitchen. So in 2016 I launched my first online course, with a great selection of healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners all under 500 calories. It's so rewarding to see people gaining confidence in their home cooking, trying new ingredients and feeling healthier than ever by nourishing their bodies with the right foods.

There are various ways you can work with me on a 1:1 basis, in a group and online. Click the page links to find out more.

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